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Salaried Workers

LucyMany people in the United States work hourly jobs and are paid based on a minimum wage according to the amount of hours they work each week. Other people, however, work salaried jobs and get paid a certain amount each year, for a job that typically requires about 40 hours of work per week, but is not paid according to hourly work.

Some people wonder, however, if they are expected to work 40 hours a week for a set salary, but have to work more than that, how they will be paid. Some employers are required to pay overtime, but that is not always the case.

Large businesses, defined as those that do at least $500,000 in business each year, are required to pay overtime at a rate of one and a half times the worker’s normal pay rate for hours exceeding 40 in a normal work week. This is according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Small businesses do not have to abide by this law.

Although many small businesses do not have to pay over time because of the $500,000 limit, businesses may also be covered under the FLSA due to other conditions as well. Including:

  • Businesses engaged in interstate commerce
  • Businesses that produce goods for interstate commerce
  • Domestic service workers that make at least $1,700 a year from a single employer or if they work for a one or more employers more than eight hours a week

Workers that are not included in the FLSA are the majority of white collar professionals:

  • Administrators
  • Executives
  • Professionals
  • Outside sales employees
  • Certain skilled professionals

Other employees that are exempt from the FLSA according to the Department of Labor include:

  • Movie theater workers
  • Newspaper delivery workers
  • Farm workers
  • Employees engaged in fishing operations

Although many people are exempt from the overtime law, they still can be paid overtime if their employers choose to pay them extra. Employers are just simply not obligated by law to pay these exempt workers for their overtime.

If you should be receiving overtime payment for your hard work at your company, but you are not, contact an employment attorney to assist you in how to go about getting the payment that you deserve. Attorneys at the Miller Law Firm in Schaumberg, Ill. will help you get your overtime today.

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