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Time Management Tips for Your Small Business that You May Not be Using

Posted on in Cook County Employment Attorney

Illinois small business employment law attorneyThey say that “time is money,” and that is true in all aspects of life. No matter whether you are discussing your personal life or your business, saving time ultimately saves you money. Especially in a business aspect, proper time management enables you to get more work accomplished efficiently, which can earn your business more money and cut down on overhead costs while ensuring that you meet the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Here are a few time management tips that will help you in both your business and your personal life:

Ditch the Smart Device

Unless your business operates directly on your smartphone, you should make it a habit to keep it out of reach, especially during business hours. Employee cell phone usage should be limited as well. Even the best worker has a hard time avoiding the temptation of checking their device at work. Remove the temptation by either requiring that cell phones be left in one’s vehicle or locker or kept turned off at work. Lead by example and follow the rule yourself to gain optimum efficiency.

Use a Master Calendar

Although having a calendar for home life and a separate one for work seems logical, it usually causes more confusion and missed appointments than if you blended the two. Have a master calendar for all areas of your life and your business, so you know what to expect each day. If you make this calendar available to your employees, they will also know when you are free, making their job more manageable as well.

Follow Meeting Agendas

Before hosting a meeting, be sure you prepare a meeting agenda. Although you have an idea of what you want to say, you cannot plan for the input your employees have. A hot topic of discussion can derail an entire meeting within moments. Draw up a formal agenda to follow and make copies for yourself as well as your employees, so they know what to expect. Things to include are:

  • Meeting objectives
  • A list of main discussion topics
  • Special guests
  • Question and answer time.

Set a Routine

Getting into a routine saves you and your company a lot of time. Both you and your employees know what to expect and what comes next. This knowledge gives everyone confidence, which shortens the transition time between tasks and reduces the total amount of time spent on each job.

Avoid Perfection

No matter how hard you try, you and your employees are not perfect. Although there may be instances where precision is essential, other projects may simply need to be completed without being done perfectly. Do not spend excess time perfecting projects that do not require that level of detail.

Hire an Attorney

When you own your own small business, it is a great idea to have a trusted attorney on hand for urgent matters. You do not want to have to find someone in a pinch, with no time to search for the person who will put your priorities first. The Miller Law Firm, P.C. provides business owners with cost-effective representation in all legal matters, including, but not limited to, business record keeping, payment questions, and litigation. Call a Schaumburg employment law attorney today at 847-995-1205 to have your business questions answered in a free consultation.


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