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Schaumburg employment lawyerOwning your own business and being your own boss can be very rewarding, regardless of the field of work. In the United States, there are certain rules and regulations that control how a company should operate, and these guidelines may be different depending on the industry. All companies that operate under the Fair Labor Standards Act are required to keep specific records for a designated period of time for covered, non-exempt employees. Essential documentation may include an employee’s contact information, salary, work hours, and job duties. Record keeping might seem like a basic task, but if it is not done properly, this can lead to significant consequences. An experienced employment law attorney can help a business owner avoid any civil or criminal actions that they could face.

Important Employee Information

For the majority of business owners, their companies are their livelihood. In many cases, the foundation of their success lies in their employees. Therefore, they must make sure to take care of their workers by following standards and procedures that govern their industry. According to the United States Department of Labor, employee payroll information that contains important documents about each employee in your company should be kept for at least three years. Good record keeping practices can help a company maintain a strong reputation, allowing for future growth. Some of the main aspects of employment records should include:

  • The employee’s name, address, and Social Security number
  • The employee’s dates of employment
  • The employee’s regular pay rate (salary or hourly)
  • The amount of wages paid
  • The amount of taxes taken out of an employee’s paycheck
  • The amount of overtime paid
  • The employee’s job duties

Penalties for Negligent Records Management

A comprehensive records management process can help a company operate in an efficient and effective manner. Improper records management can lead to unorganized documentation, the loss of vital information, and stressed employees and employers. If company owners fail to maintain their employment records, they may face criminal charges or civil lawsuits, depending on the circumstances. Poor record keeping can also result in the following consequences:


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Untitled design (29)In Illinois, the minimum wage requirement is $8.25 per hour for all employees who are aged 18 years and older, and employees under the age of 18 can be paid $0.50 less than regular minimum wage. In most workplace situations, Illinois employees adhere to the minimum wage laws. However, there have been employers who have violated the minimum wage laws, and may have faced serious consequences. To effectively handle a business and its employees, there are many requirements that the employer must meet to avoid liabilities and lost money.

Wage Requirements

Depending on the employer, new employees and employees under 18 years old may be paid up to 50 cents less per hour. New employees have served their first 90 days of employment. Employees who work for tips may be paid 60 percent of the hourly minimum wage, which is $8.25 per hour in the State of Illinois. Overtime must also be paid at time and one half of the regular rate, after 40 hours of work during the week.


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