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Illinois-employment-lawyer-minCOVID-19, or coronavirus 2019, is a respiratory illness that can spread from animal to person or person to person. The virus was first identified during an outbreak in Wuhan, China. Currently, health officials are working on a vaccine for it, but that may take up to a year before it is approved. There is no doubt the virus has had a significant impact on people’s lives since it was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Here in Illinois, Governor Pritzker said he is filing emergency rules that will allow those who cannot work because they are sick with coronavirus to collect unemployment insurance benefits to the full extent permitted by federal law. This would mean employers are required to pay workers who go on sick leave due to coronavirus.

What Are the Symptoms of COVID-19?

It is imperative that a person who thinks they may have coronavirus seek medical attention to avoid life-threatening complications and reduce the spread of it. President Trump recently announced that he was halting air travel from Europe to the United States for 30 days. In addition, he advised citizens to stay away from large gatherings in an effort to contain the virus and avoid further cases of it.

The following upper respiratory symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure:


vacation, Illinois employment law attorneyMost employers offer some form of paid time off or vacation days to their full-time employees.  It is impossible for most workers to remain reasonably productive without being able to take a day or two to recharge, recreate, or even tend to other demands of life. In the state of Illinois, there is no law or statute that requires you, as an employer, to offer vacation or personal days, but if you choose to do so, it is important to apply your policy evenly to all eligible employees and to fully comply with any and all promises you have made to your team.

Policies and Contracts

Whether your vacation policy is listed in each employee’s contract or simply as part of a more general employee handbook, you need to understand exactly what you promising each worker. You have the right to decide how many days of vacation may be earned by an employee based on his or her length of service. It is also within your rights to determine that vacation time must be taken within a certain period of time or be forfeited. If you choose to establish such a policy, however, you will need to be sure to provide your employees the reasonable opportunity to take all earned vacation days.


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