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Employee Recognition Means More Than Holiday Bonuses

employee recognition, bonus, Chicago employment law attorneyWhen you own and run a business that requires a staff, you know exactly how much every employee means to your company. You could never achieve the same level of success on your own, and you realize that each workers brings to the table a unique set of skills and personality. Of course, as part of the equation, you offer your employees fair pay, possibly benefits, and more in exchange for their time and service, but do they truly know that they are appreciated? As 2015 draws to a close, there are some ways that you can ensure your team feels valued and truly cared for.

Employees Are People Too

While you may spend dozens of hours each week with certain team members, take a moment to think about how much you know about them. Do you know their spouses’ names or how old their children are? What are some of their personal time hobbies and interests? The more you get to know your staff, the more they will feel like part of your company’s family. There is no checklist of things to talk about and just asking questions to write down the answers feels cheap and insincere. Learn about your staff because you want to know them as individuals and as people, not just subordinates.

Brag to Customers

Everyone likes to be praised for their efforts, though some may have a harder time graciously accepting compliments. In the commercial world, there is no greater feeling than to be recognized by a manager in front of a customer or client. Again, sincerity is absolutely key; do not just make something up. But a simple “great job” within earshot of a customer can do wonders for a worker’s motivation and happiness.

Bonuses and Gifts

There is no question that money is a great motivator. However, working for a small business, most employees understand that finances are often tight and that large bonuses simply may not be possible, no matter how willing you are to share your profits. There are other ways to show your appreciation as well, especially if you have taken the time to get to know your employees, and it does not need to be just at the end of the year. Surprise a sports fan with tickets to a game, or a gardener with a gift card to a local plant nursery.

A Simple Thank You

Two words. Eight letters. But they can be so powerful. If you say it to your employees regularly and mean it, especially when you do not need something additional from them at the moment, the difference in the workplace atmosphere can be astounding. Workers who feel appreciated have been found to be not only happier, but much more productive as well.

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