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Former Employees Suing Wrigley Rooftop for Unpaid Wages

Wrigley Field is the only ballpark in North America where the rooftops provide a view of the game.  While the relationship is tenuous, these rooftops can charge anywhere from $75 to $350 for admission to watch Cubs’ games.  This money should be going to the workers at these establishments, but it allegedly has not been.

On March 19th, three former workers of the Sheffield Baseball Club have decided to sue for unpaid overtime and also unpaid tips. Daniel Garcia, Pedro Castro and Rik Leja all worked as busboys at this establishment.  It is alleged in their lawsuit that an average night game would bring in nearly $120 per person in tips.

The payment for working overtime is also a concern for these former employees.  The Cubs have week-long home stands that would require workers to sometimes work all seven days for 60 hours.  Then workers would typically have a week off of work while the Cubs are on the road.  Instead of paying time and a half for overtime, the Sheffield Baseball Club would pay 40 hours on one week and 20 hours on the next.  Since the schedules are public records, there is no issue with reviewing pay stubs to verify any improper wages.

This is not the only time that these establishments have come under fire.  In October of 2012, two former employees brought a class action lawsuit against the Wrigley Rooftop Club, the Ivy League Club, and the Sheffield Baseball Club.  They claimed violations of the Illinois Minimum Wage Law and violations of the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act.  If you feel that you have been marginalized by your employer, it is important to have an advocate that will fight for your rights.  Contact an experienced employment lawyer in Schaumburg today to review .

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