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Unemployment Rates Down

According to Chicago Business, unemployment in the United States is down to a seven-year low. The rate fell from 7.9% in October to 7.7% lower in the last four years. This drop in the unemployment rate was seen as a perceived improvement in the economy.

Companies added 146,000 jobs which contributed to the lowering of the unemployment rate. The government has even stated that the super storm Sandy did not have any effect on the figures. These job gains were very similar to the increase that happened last year at the same time. Many believe this increase in jobs occurred because of increased retail jobs for the Christmas season.

An economist at Global Insight believes the market is not improving rapidly but that is also good news. The reason it’s good news is because there is still growth despite many fears that job hunters and employers may have. There are some discouraging signs in some of the numbers because many believe that some of the unemployed may not be looking for employment at this time. This causes the numbers to be incorrect and there may be more people who need work that don’t have it.

The government surveyed about 60,000 households, asking whether the adults in the home had employment or not and whether or not they were looking at this time. Of course not all adults were able to find employment or had it at the time of the polling. This estimate may also change the numbers in real time.

If you have been looking for employment for an extended period of time, you may feel discouraged and feel like you need help with your employment issues. Sometimes it’s as simple as finding the right place. When you live in Chicago Illinois, it may seem as though all the jobs are taken. If you are in a employment situation where you feel that you are not being treated fairly or that your rights are being violated, a knowledgeable and experienced employment law attorney can assist you with those concerns.

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